Downloading the app (Android users)


1. Please download the app ​

2. Please keep an eye on your email inbox, we’ll be in touch with you soon! 


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Setting up the app

track process 1.png
track process 2 .png

 Step 1 

The first time the app is opened, a screen saying “Scan QR Code” will appear.

Tap on the “Scan QR Code” button and click “Allow” when you’re prompted to provide camera access, so that you can scan the QR code with your camera.

You do not need to allow access to your microphone, files, or media, so you can click “deny” when these messages appear.

track process 3.png

Step 2


Once you have scanned the QR code, you will be asked to view and accept the terms and conditions, like in the image shown. Please click “Accept” to continue.

Track process 4.png

Step 3


You will then be taken to the app’s main screen and will be asked to grant the app access to different phone features. 


For the app to work properly, it is important that you click “Allow” when asked to provide access to your device’s location. 

track process 6 .png

Step 4


You will also be asked to keep the app connected in the background. Please click “Yes” to allow the app to work passively in the background of your phone.

track process 7 .png

Step 5


Now you should be able to see the screen shown. 


Tap the cog gear at the top right of the screen to the app settings. 


Tap the Enable toggle next to “use of data plan for sending records”. This will allow us to continue collecting data in case you lose your Wi-Fi connection at any point. 


We also recommend you disable the “use data plan for high priority data only”, as we need to collect constant location information, and the app itself requires very little data to run.

track process 8 .png

Step 6


At this point, you have completed the app set up! You can return to your main screen and just leave the app running in the background.


Once you have set up the app, make sure to email to confirm your student ID and the post code/location you were at when you scanned the QR code.


If you have any further queries or questions about the app, please visit our FAQ page.

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