Track-COVID Research Team

Professor Kavita Vedhara

Professor of Health Psychology, Division of Primary Care,

University of Nottingham.

Professor Dame Jessica Corner

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Knowledge Exchange) and Professor of Cancer and Supportive Care,

University of Nottingham

Dr Holly Blake

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,

University of Nottingham

Professor Chris Denning 

Lead of Regenerative Medicines and Stems Cells,

University of Nottingham 

Professor Jonathan Ball

Professor of Molecular Virology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Dr. Kirsty Bolton

Research Fellow, School of Mathematics,

University of Nottingham. 

Dr. Joanne Morling

MRC Clinician Scientist,

Clinical Associate Professor in Reproductive Medicine 

Professor Carol Coupland

Professor of Medical Statistics in Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Grazziela Figueredo

Senior Research Data Scientist,

Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC),

University of Nottingham 

Dr David Ed Morris

Faculty of Engineering,

University of Nottingham

Dr. Patrick Tighe 

Associate Professor of Immunology,

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,

University of Nottingham

Dr. Armando Villalon

Research Fellow,

University of Nottingham

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